Excellent brain trainer on your mobile device! Play and become smarter!

The latest game by QuickBrain is now available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play: meet Power Memo!
For everyone who loves tricky, challenging games and riddles limited with time.

Power memo is the funniest and most beginner-friendly game for training memory. It is a logic game to train your memory and attention. While playing the brain game, you not only get a lot of fun but also gradually improve your memory, attention, and concentration. 


All you need is to memorize the positions of colorful cells. It is very simple, isn’t it? The game board will contain blue cells. You need to memorize their positions. After cells get hidden you’ll need to click on the positions of the blue cells to uncover them. If you make a mistake – use replay or coins to complete the level. The number of colorful cells and game board size gets increased with each level which makes later levels of the game challenging even for experienced players.


In addition, you can see the score obtained in each level and visualize your progress. Ideal to stimulate the memory of people of all ages.


Put your effort and increase your memory! All for training your brain.

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